Art is in the eye of the beholder!


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The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a subjective statement. It means that everyone has a different opinion on what is real beauty to them. One person may find a lily beautiful and another person takes this bloom and is reminded of sad times. We can easily transition this phrase and have it define art and art collections as well!

We live in our homes and all of our furnishings become a type of art when we purchase them. We try to coordinate what our eye sees and what our heart loves. The same thing happens with art but this medium is usually added at the end to fill empty walls and comers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a collector and need to find the spaces to place our art?

Art Collection Home Display

When I design a home, I am always looking to see if the homeowner already has a collection of pieces that are precious to them. This does not have to be limited to paintings! The collections can be glass, photographs in wall frames or small table frames, wood blocks, prints or even sculptures. When I am confronted with a project where the client has the passion to bring these varied items into their home, I instinctively know that that homeowner has some sense of what they love to live with and this is extremely helpful to the success of the design project.

In a recent home set on a lake in upstate Connecticut, my client wanted an easy care, green and clean lifestyle as they were moving away from the frenetic city. Aside from favorite paintings that donned their walls in the NYC apartment, they loved the water and started to collect old canoes. These antique boots with their oars now float in the space above their heads in their home and remind them constantly of the passion and love they have for water. In this instance, the boats are the art.

Another example of a “collection” of art is a small home I designed in Florida. The budget was really small and there was no room for large purchases of furniture in the budget. So we changed the wall colors, stripped and bleached the floors and then started to collect beach glass in all shades of greens and blues! Today this home “shimmers” with the array of sizes and shapes of their collection…done on a budget!

Art is what is pleasing to the eye and everyone, no matter how much money you have to spend, can avail themselves of a creative collection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this medium…whether you are contemplating the purchase of a Picasso painting for your Living Room wall or the purchase of replica Picasso plates for your walls, the effect you can make with this huge range of options will forever excite you!

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