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06 Apr 2016

Transcend the Ordinary Bathroom Design

Lavatory, Washroom, Retreat, Comfort Station, Spa, Restroom, and Privy are all synonymous with Bathroom.  Depending on your background, the “room-to-do-your-business” has many names, but usually the same concept. If you are running in and out of the space like it’s an airport terminal and just passing through, then you are missing out on the creativity... (more)

31 Mar 2016

Accent Your Home With Luxurious Tile

Tile is not a just a backsplash It’s an accent to your home. I’ve had clients tell me they have never considered tile as an opportunity to decorate, as it’s just a floor or a backsplash or an arbitrary background. But, listen my friends, it’s an option to go on an adventurous journey and bring uniqueness... (more)

24 Mar 2016

How to Choose the Right Countertop for your home


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We just started a new interior design adventure in beautiful, sunny Boca Raton, Florida and our latest task is finding the right countertop for the bathroom, showers, kitchen, bars, and even tables. So how do we find the “right” countertop?  Gather your color schemes and head out to explore material choices. Seeing the raw space in... (more)