How to Design a Luxurious Entrance to your Home

First Impressions: How to Design a Luxurious Entrance to Your Home

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First Impressions start before the door is opened.

An expectation is set the minute a guest pulls up to your home.  Enter your home’s entrance with fresh eyes, as if you were a guest. Is it enticing and soliciting oohs and ahhs? If not, grab inspiration from your favorite scenes on the inside and strategically place pearls of personality to entice guests to wonder what luxury awaits them along the journey of your home. It is through the main door that the home absorbs energy, and a main entry is able to welcome and direct the flow of energy into the house.

Soften the entrance for a nice transition from outside to inside. There’s nothing more uninviting than a completely bare entrance. To really welcome your visitors use some decoration around the front door. A simple bench or some type of greenery like flowers is a small statement on how you feel about your home and your visitors. Update your outdoor lighting fixtures to make a bold statement. Use your home’s structure and compliment it by creating a path to the entrance.

For more luxurious feel, a unique bench lining a hallway provides a spot to shed the outdoors. From a modest side table with a small lamp, to a big round table placed in the center of your hallway with a flower-filled vase on top – there are many good feng shui decor choices to invite and receive guests into your home.

Your guests are now in your home, welcome them with visual stimulation. If your space is limited, even a good quality main entry rug with vibrant colors or beautiful art and a strong wall color as a focal point can do the job. Use visual cues to guide your visitors to draw their focus on where to go next. From Large prints, to unique one-of-a-kind sculptures, what is your home communicating and what direction is your entry pointing to next.  Use the architecture of the home as the route markers.




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Don’t let your entrance feel disconnected from your home. A home’s entry is like a profile picture on social media. It’s the greeting to your guests, the hug that welcomes them in. Is your home embracing guests with a warm smile and making an impression, or acting like a stranger on the subway and just taking up space until you arrive at your destination?

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Sandra Oster Interiors not only makes a great first impression, but she makes a lasting impression that is classic & timeless; one that is everlasting.

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