• photo of custom pillows

Design Details

A distinctive approach to interior design and decoration details is shown in Sandra Oster Interiors’ portfolio of luxury homes in Westchester NY, Greenwich CT, lower Fairfield CT, New York City, the Hamptons and Miami FL.

Her unique ideas are the pinnacle differentiators that take the design of a home from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s the unique, luxurious quality details, expert craftsmanship, and finishes that elevate the scale of a space and in turn, creates a truly unique and customized home. Sandra Oster is laser focused on the finite innuendos of design, setting her designs apart from others. Each and every one of her designer home’s has its own distinct qualities and exclusive, personalized story.


  • Embellishing Trims, Designer Fabrics, High Quality Fillers and Finishing; these are the elements for the proper fabrication of high-quality decorative pillows. These are the ingredients that impart a luxurious, tailored and high-end product.
  • Sandra Oster Interiors, in conjunction with the finest artisans and craftsmen, designs one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces. The beauty of customization allows for flexibility of style, size and the individual functionality of each piece created. It also brings a unique quality and personality to the design of a room.
  • When it comes to drapery design you must first think about the space they will occupy and their purpose. Is their role completely aesthetic, or is privacy the main function? Will they live in a sunny location? All of these questions should be addressed prior to the selection of hardware, fabric and the final fabrication. This will determine the materials used and operational devices to open and close. The end product should be one of utmost quality, functionality and of course, beauty.
  • When deciding on the finish of custom designed furniture pieces, look beyond the standard wood species and finishes for a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Explore different bases; pedestals, legs and feet. Design custom inlays with veneers, brass, bone, stone, etc., and add interesting hardware to add the final touch.
  • Use the finest quality fabrics, trims and finishes on upholstered pieces, and don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns; these are the qualities that create personality and interesting pieces.
  • Styling is everything! Styling coffee tables, bookshelves and creating alluring vignettes and wall galleries are the final touches, or signature, of the design of a space. Styling is to design, what jewelry is to a great outfit!