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The kitchen is the heart of the home; it is the work horse that puts the daily meals on the table, the place where the kids do their homework and the area where everyone gathers for hours on end, for any and all occasions. Not only should a kitchen function well, but it should be inviting and comfortable too. Ease of movement, functionality, organization and comfort are paramount when it comes to designing a kitchen. Think about how you use your kitchen day-to-day and the overall look of the design you would like. How do you move around the space? Where is the primary workspace located? Lighting, lighting, lighting; I cannot stress the importance of proper lighting. How many drawers and cabinets will you need? What is the proper depth to house the items that will occupy them? Do you want to splurge on cabinets and countertops or put extra money into high-end appliances? Is this the place where you do most of your entertaining? Perhaps you need two dishwashers instead of one. Think about how you live in this space first and plan the design accordingly. Set a realistic timeline and of course, a proper budget to achieve the goals of your dream kitchen.