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Luxurious Living Room Designs

Best Luxurious Living Room design ideas, decoration inspirations and photos in high-end residential homes in Westchester, Greenwich, New York City, the Hamptons and Miami.

Remember living rooms of long ago? They weren’t really “lived” in, so it’s surprising that they were labeled as such. Today’s Living Room Designs are exactly that; rooms that are lived in, and enjoyed. The furnishings and finishes in the living room are often times more luxurious and fragile than those compared to the family room. The contents usually include more glass, precious collectibles, higher end fabrics and upholstered goods and finer custom furniture with delicate veneers and finishes. Greenwich CT Interior Designer Sandra Oster understands the importance of first, when and how will the room will be utilized. This will dictate the overall design and the contents that occupy this space. In city spaces, the living room is typically the one room that serves for entertaining and relaxation so designing this type of space would require more durable and livable contents that still maintain a high level of quality and luxury.


  • Add pops of color; it livens up a space. Balance is always key when going bold
  • Custom upholstered furniture with interesting embellishments yield luxury
  • Don’t be afraid to mix furniture styles and finishes, but be sure they work cohesively and compliment the overall design
  • Do as Dorothy Draper says “I always add one controversial piece; it makes people talk” …and it makes for an interesting decor