• Custom Family room light fixture

Light Fixtures

Lighting sets the mood of a room. Choose light fixtures that compliment the decor and emit the kind of light you need where you need it.


  • Entryways: Choose a light fixture that makes a welcoming first impression of your home—elegant, contemporary, artistic. Chandeliers, pendant lights or bespoke lighting are good choices for entryways.
  • Living rooms: Lighting needs to be warm yet functional to make a living room a comfortable and usable. A combination of light fixtures works best. Chandeliers work well in large, vaulted spaces. Table and floor lamps bring light to seating areas. Wall sconces and accent lights highlight artwork or architectural details.
  • Dining rooms: The focal point of any dining room is the table. Choose a unique chandelier or pendant light to make a bold statement. A dimmer switch is essential. Accent lights or muted ceiling lights can add to the mood.
  • Kitchens: You’ll need to have a variety of options to properly light different kitchen areas. Consider pendant lights over an island or table; recessed ceiling lights provide an even light throughout the room and improve counter work space effectiveness with under cabinet lights.
  • Bedrooms: To enhance the restful and relaxing mood of a bedroom, consider bedside table lamps and an overhead light fixture with a dimmer switch. Create an eye-catching focal point with accent lighting on a unique headboard or piece of artwork.
  • Bathrooms: Position task lighting over sinks and vanity areas. Consider something different for a free-standing tub like a chandelier.