Bedroom Design Necessities: Romance, Security and Tranquility

Looking through a book in my personal library, Nancy Corzine’s Glamour at Home, I came across a beautiful bedroom that looked so soft and romantic it made me realize just how much thought needs to go into designing this important space.

Bedrooms are sanctuaries of rest, places we retreat to in good times and in times of stress so their environment needs to accommodate all of those moods. Each bedroom is different for each client but all of the choices you make in this particular space can only serve to heighten the experience. In the end, a bedroom is perhaps the most versatile room in the house serving every need a homeowner has…including breakfast in bed!

photo of romantic bedroom design

I always start a room choosing the color scheme and then creating a palette of tones and textures to start the visual of the space. Once you have this “canvas” you can choose a drapery treatment. I like to contrast soft and hard materials—sheer light-weight wool with silk or linen draperies. Carpets are the next selection. A wool and silk combination will add softness to underscore the tranquil mood. Generally, wood furniture works well in bedrooms—walnut, cherry, oak, birch, bamboo. Choose linens that will blend with the walls and trim to enhance the calm and romance in the room. Perhaps a vintage chandelier delicately dropping from the ceiling with 2 murano glass lamps on the nightstands and an accent chair and ottoman will complete the furnishings of my bedroom.

But I am far from finished…the final touches are the most important! Accessorizing is the most necessary requirement of every room and a bedroom is no exception! From artwork, to a bench at the end of the bed, books under the nightstands, throw and accent pillows, picture frames, clocks, flowers, phones and vessels, living with your special collectibles help to make this wonderful space so personal and meaningful.

Fantastic, a newly created space that is soft, romantic, enticing and personal…the ultimate luxury factor!