Design Details Make a Big Difference

photo of modern art sculpture of womanIf your mom is anything like my 102-year-old mother, she has told you that it’s the little things that often matter most. I learned long ago that small gestures like sending thank you notes take very little time but leave lasting impressions. The same is true when it comes to design—small details make a big difference in creating a beautiful, customized space.

Fine silk tassels hanging from a console door in your foyer, the perfect tiny sculpture positioned on a coffee table in a living room, an interesting finial on a drapery rod, or beaded glass trim on a throw pillow in your family room—these are all little “signatures” l like to use when creating my designs. They may be subtle, but they make an immense impact on the overall design of a room.

photo of Sandy's mom LillianBut details are not just accessories; they are also small choices made in the design process that will lead to the best product. Like employing the highest standard in craftsmanship. Choosing the finest artisans and fabrics. Adding finishing touches such as trim and hardware. Customizing showroom pieces with interesting inlays or textures so that it is unique to that one client. These are the little things that are so important when it comes to design. So listen to your mom (and mine!) and pay attention to the details!