Trim is in!

photo of custom pillowsI have always loved decorative trim; it’s such a fun, creative way to put your own spin on accent pillows and draperies. But lately, with the influx of the modern design aesthetic and ultra-sleek lines and materials, trim seems to have disappeared. But no matter the design style, the right trim can enhance the overall appeal of a piece. Take a look at this pillow; without the trim, it would still surely be beautiful. But the Venetian glass-inspired beads add an element of glamour that really elevate its style. I am on a one-woman crusade to revive this amazing accent!

Last week, while shopping for fabric for draperies I am designing for a client, I found a veritable treasure trove of trim. Delicate tassels, leather piping, ball and chain bullions, beautiful embroidery…the options are endless! Decorative trim comes in every material you can imagine — metallic, suede, silk, even fur. There are bold patterns, or monochromatic ones, and literally everything in between. As with all decisions with multiple possibilities, sometimes a guiding hand is needed to make the right choice. That’s where the expertise of the designer comes into play.

detail design of pillow with glass bead edgingI am a kid in a candy shop when it comes to selecting trims — I love them all! But choosing the right one for a particular project takes a practiced eye. I may choose something that adds a bit of whimsy to a formal living room, or take the opportunity to introduce a warmer texture into a contemporary family room. These “levels” of designing are really like adding jewelry to an already-fabulous outfit — more is not necessarily better, but the right piece really makes the outfit. I can’t wait to choose from these fabulous trim options for those draperies I’m working on. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

photo of different trim possibilities